Reiki is a natural form of energy healing discovered by Mikao Usui in early 20th
century Japan. lt works on all levels -physical, emotional and spiritual - by using
variable frequency energy that heals and balances the mind, body and spirit.

How does it differ to other energetic healing therapies?

Reiki is unique. Although it is mostly seen in the West as a healing therapy in the East the physical healing was originally accepted as a welcome result, but the fundamental root of Reiki is in personal evolvement .... although many in the West  do Practice Reiki as a physical healing, balancing, and de-stressing therapy those who go onto become a Reiki Master or Reiki Master Teacher are principally concerned with Reiki and life`s journey.

Anyone can learn to Channel the healing energies lt can be used as a healing treatment, or it can become a spiritual journey - a way of life that promotes healing  at every level to create balance, harmony, clarity and ultimately enlightenment.

What will happen during a treatment?

The treatment begins with an informal interview to determine the conditions that need treating. and the expectations of the client.  Then the client lays fully clothed on a treatment couch with their eyes closed. The Practitioner places their hands over the bodys main energy points  - directing energy where it's needed.

Experiences of Reiki are individual but many people comment about  feeling 
a deep relaxation along with a sense of clarity and serenity.   It re-centres a person and each individual will find a greater strength to help them over a sticky patch.  For some this leads them on to doing a Reiki course and incorporating Reiki in their life as a discipline for self evolvement - like some would do with yoga.

I'm feeling slightly under the weather. Could it give me a `pep-up'?

Yes, if you require a treatment simply to make you feel more energised or to help
you relax and unwind the frequency of energy used can be tailored to do just that.
You will feel much more relaxed, tranquil and healthier for days afterwards. 
It will certainly give you a good nights sleep. 

To book a session email me : caroline@reikipathway.com or telephone me: 01332 756583

Please feel free to ring or email me if you have any queries.

The fee for a session is £30.

A Reiki treatment lasts one hour, but for your first visit please allow an extra half hour so we can have a chat about Reiki and what you feel/think you would like help with.


Why do you think it's such a popular treatment?

It clears and focuses your mind by removing negative energy blockages,enabling you to be more creative,inspirational and expressive Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman like this because
they work in a creative profession and it enables them to perform better as well as feel healthier emotionally and physically.

Reiki deals with the root causes of all your physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Often physical illnesses are a symptom of emotional trauma.
By eliminating the negative energy and feelings attached to your emotional traumas Reiki enables you to develop yourself in a positive way.

Reiki can be used purely as a wonderful relaxation session.
lt heals on a very deep level to remove the negative energy  associated with traumas that the client may not even be aware of.

In short it re-centres you. Not only reminding you of how it feels to be deeply relaxed but makes you aware of a deeper resilience we all have.

Reiki Courses within 30 minutes travel from: Nottingham, Burton and Leicester.


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                                    Mahatma Gandhi(1869-1948)